Why do I need a licensed electrician?
Utilising a fully licenced and insured member of the Eco Spark team not only provides you with peace of mind knowing your job has been undertaken with the highest quality workmanship, but also ensures your family are safe and you do not void your insurance. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”
How can I lower my Electricity Bill?
Reducing your electricity bill can depend on a range of things. Swapping existing lighting to an LED equivalent is generally the starting point when looking to reduce consumption as they are items we use on a daily basis. Then we must change your daily habits, be sure to turn off all lights or electrical devices not in use when leaving a room – like TVs, radios etc. If you have a heat pump, electric hot water service or air conditioning system set your thermostat slightly lower in the winter and higher in the summer to reduce operating time. In addition we can also design and install a Solar PV system to offset usage.
How do I stop my smoke detectors from beeping?
If your smoke detector keeps beeping, chances are you will need to replace its battery. The batteries in your home’s smoke detectors should be replaced annually to ensure maximum safety. But, if a battery is low, your smoke alarm will beep intermittently until the battery is replaced.
What guarantee or warranty do you provide?
We have a 12 month guarantee on installation with upwards of 12months (sometimes 7 Years) warranty on hardware & appliance supplied. As an added bonus we will supply a signed & dated certificate for all electrical works so you can keep track.