Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Get Comfort All Year Round With Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide

 Eco Spark Electrical is the leading ducted air conditioning supplier and installer in Adelaide. We have been in the industry for over 15 years and pride ourselves on providing reliable electrical and solar services. Our services cover split system air conditioning, solar panel installation and switchboard upgrades. We can also help with ceiling fans, smoke alarms, safety switches and all DATA work. Our team is fully licenced and insured for your peace of mind. Eco Spark Electrical is an active member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC), meaning we provide the highest quality products and services.

We know that there is nothing better than being in the comfort of your own home when summer comes. Ducted air conditioners are the best way to control your home’s temperatures. Our team is ready to help you install a ducted air conditioner to ensure you escape summer’s sticky heat. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide
Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Eco-Friendly Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide

Our team offers complete ducted air conditioning services in Adelaide. We can supply, install, and service home and commercial air conditioners. With years of experience, we have worked with almost all accredited air conditioning manufacturers. So, you can trust that we know what we are talking about. While ducted air conditioners are more expensive than other air conditioners, they are the most efficient and offer several benefits.

A ducted system can cool your home in summer and warm it during winter through one central electrical unit. The unit will also filter your air, ensuring you get quality and fresh breathing air. You can also utilise the system for commercial spaces regardless of how big or small your office is. A ducted system has an outdoor unit that you place away from your living area to lower the noise from the system. It also has a seamless design that works into the décor and styling of your property.

Why Choose Us for Your Ducted Air Conditioning in Adelaide?

Thanks to their experience and expertise, our team can help you narrow down your options when choosing ducted air conditioning in Adelaide. We will help you understand the advantages of several brands and choose one that meets your cooling and heating needs. All our installations come with a 12-month guarantee, and we supply a signed and dated certificate for the electrical work we perform. You can never go wrong when you trust Eco Spark Electrical for your ducted air system. 

Your ducted air conditioning unit also requires regular maintenance. Our team will help you service your system and ensure it remains in its optimal working condition. While you can conduct basic clean and care services like checking and changing the filter, you must engage professional service to ensure the efficiency of your ducted air conditioner.

Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Please speak to our team to get the perfect ducted air conditioning unit in Adelaide that meets your needs.