Switchboard Upgrades are one of our most requested services. However, many of our clients are often unsure what upgrading an electrical switchboard entails and whether they need this service to begin with. There are some easy ways to tell if you need a switchboard upgrade, so keep reading if you are the owner of an older style home or business. And remember, if you are in any doubt, call your local Adelaide electrician, Eco Spark today.

Why are Switchboards Important?

An electrical switchboard controls all the electrical appliances in your home. It directs electricity from the mains supply to the circuits located throughout a house or building. In other words, the purpose of a switchboard is to supply electrical equipment in your home with power.

Do I Need to Upgrade?

As you can imagine, a modern home contains many more power-draining appliances than 10 or twenty years ago. TV’s in every room, dishwashers, computers and air conditioning can place a great strain on your switchboard, leading to overloading. Significantly, old switchboards don’t contain safety switches, so there is a much greater risk of a fire. If any of these signs of an overworked switchboard sound familiar, it may be time to upgrade your switchboard.

  • Lights Flickering
  • Fuses blowing frequently
  • Buzzing switches or outlets
  • Power Outages
  • No safety switches
  • Rewireable fuses in switchboard
  • Home extensions or addition of a spa or other power draining appliance

Please remember that the only way to be confident that your switchboard is safe is to have it inspected by a qualified electrician. If you are in Adelaide, call the experts at Eco Spark.

Call a Qualified Electrician

There is only one person who should touch your switchboard, and that is a licensed electrician. If you are worried about the expense, don’t be. Upgrading your switchboard isn’t as expensive as you think and is an investment in the long term safety of your home. You can also think of it as an opportunity for an electrician to look at the rest of your home or business. An electrical inspections is particularly important if you have recently purchased a new home. Just some of the areas Eco Spark can evaluate include

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Wiring
  • Power Points
  • Appliance Safety

Eco Spark are you local Adelaide electricians. We are based in Gawler and travel to most suburbs of Adelaide. Contact Us today to find out more about our services.